Celebrating a Long-Serving Engineer

Experience, knowledge and loyalty are just a handful of the many attributes possessed by Empire Industrial Doors’ senior engineer Brian Heath. The company are celebrating Brian’s professionalism and dedication after he reached a seven-year milestone. Empire Industrial Doors has been fortunate enough to utilise the expertise of Brian, who has accumulated a wealth of experience having worked in the industry for 17 years.

Installations, servicing and repairs are all within his realm of expertise, so customers can expect first-class treatment. Empire Industrial Doors values every single member of their workforce, and now Brian has become one of the longest servicing members of the company.

Employee Appreciation

For Empire Industrial Doors to continue thriving in the market, they rely on the dedication and hard work of their knowledgeable engineers. Brian is one of many staff members that go above and beyond for clients, ensuring that every single request is met and every project is completed in an efficient manner.

Only the best professionals are employed by Empire Industrial Doors, and in return for their hard work, the company publicly recognises their efforts. Brian has reached an important career milestone, and there are many other dedicated employees that keep the company ticking along.