Professional Steel Door Replacement

Steel doors are a fantastic way of securing a building against intrusion. The strength of steel means it can withstand even direct brute force. Short of using a battering ram, you’re not getting inside any time soon! Steel is also incredibly durable, able to withstand years of repeated use, and direct exposure to the elements. It’s no wonder then that so many customers choose us to install new steel doors at their premises.
At Empire Industrial Doors, we’re always on call to assist our customers with all manner of requests. From installing shutters and PVC curtains to steel door sets, our diverse skillset has made us the go-to company for customers far and wide. Strong and sustainable, these aesthetically appealing doors come in a variety of configurations and are the perfect entry solution for commercial and industrial properties.
We recently carried out work for a local company in which we provided them with a brand-new set of double steel doors. You can read more about this below, including the impeccable service that we provided!


The Brief

The customer contacted us to request that we remove a window in order to replace it with a steel door entrance. As we wouldn’t simply be switching a door for a door, the work would be a little more in-depth as we’d need to create a new opening.
Fortunately, for our skilled experts, this is all in a day’s work. We quoted the customer for the job, and once they saw how affordable our prices were, they eagerly accepted and we set about scheduling in the works.


The Job

The first stage was to remove the existing window, carefully disposing of it as the client no longer required it. Once the window had been removed, the next step involved us cutting out an entirely new opening which would house the new steel door frame. Using precision cutting tools, our team members were able to make short work of this task, cutting a hole that would fit the new frame perfectly.
Once the hole was cut, we then set about installing the steel frame, ensuring that it fitted the new opening perfectly. Because the frame is made from the same high-quality material as the doors, it cannot be smashed apart by a brute force impact. The frame was painted to match the exterior wall of the building.
Next, our team installed flashings which are designed to weatherproof the doors by helping to decrease water penetration, thereby reducing interior mould problems as well. Once the flashings were fitted, the new steel doors were installed. We fitted a double steel door setup so that one door could be opened at a time, or both if the client required a larger open space.
Once the doors were installed, we gave everything one final inspection to make sure it worked and that the doors were completely weatherproof. To summarise, we carried out the following tasks:

  • Removed Windows
  • Cut a New Opening
  • Installed a New Steel Frame
  • Fitted Flashings
  • Installed a Double Steel Door


Our Steel Door Installation Service

At Empire Industrial Doors, we’re happy to take on like-for-like projects as well as ones with more demanding requirements. We’re here to help with the simple jobs, too. We supply hard-wearing doors, tailor-made and rated for longevity.
So, whether you require a fire door, a security entrance, or a door that sports acoustic dampening properties, we have you covered. We provide a competitively priced, reliable installation service and, as we supply the doors as well, you only ever have to deal with one company.
If you have any questions regarding our process, our team will always be happy to provide you with answers. They’ll walk you through the process, helping you select the right door for your requirements. Would you like to find out more? Then give Empire Industrial Doors a call today on 02380 610 676.