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Do you own an industrial property? If you need doors of the highest quality choose Empire Industrial Doors today. We have provided many industrial properties of all sizes with the best array of doors in the whole of Dorset. Over the years, we have established ourselves as the best industrial door specialists in Dorset.

Our Dorset industrial door specialist services

We understand that there is not a one size fit all approach to industrial doors which is why we offer a selection of industrial doors in Dorset. View what Empire Industrial Doors offer below:

Automatic doors and enclosures

Automatic doors and enclosures are suitable for properties where rapid and instant access is required. All of our automatic doors will be bespoke to your property, and we will fit them to fulfil your door needs.

High speed PVC doors and curtains

We supply high speed PVC doors and curtains to meet your industrial door needs. Our PVC doors and curtains are resistant to impact and wind; they will also enable quick access to your property which is essential in many industrial properties. So whether your industrial property is a cold store, warehouse, temperature control area, or a factory, you will find that our high speed PVC doors and curtains are essential.

Insulated sectionals

Insulated sectionals are a necessity in Dorset industrial properties where energy conservation is a must. All of our sectional doors are available in different colours and finishes to suit your door needs.

LPS 1175 Approved Doors

Do you need a strong door for your industrial property? Invest in LPS 1175 Approved Doors from Empire Industrial Doors today for a sturdy barrier to burglars and fire. Many of our doors have been approved by insurance companies.

Door sets

Door sets are a useful investment for many industrial businesses in Dorset and are constructed from steel of the finest quality. We tailor all of our steel door sets to ensure that your property’s needs are fulfilled.

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View our gallery and recent projects for previous examples of our automatic doors.

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Why choose Empire Industrial Doors?

Deciding which company to choose to complete your industrial door specialist needs is a difficult decision but we have listed reasons why you should choose Empire Industrial Doors below:

  • 24 hour call outs
  • Quick service you can trust
  • Most competitive prices on industrial doors
  • No obligation quotes on all work
  • Years of experience

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