Dorset Aluminium Shutters

Do you want to know the benefits of a strong shutter door? Our Dorset aluminium shutters at Empire Industrial Doors will give you the protection your premises and business needs. At Empire Industrial Doors, we have been working to supply resilient door structures to businesses across Dorset. We are experts in guaranteeing the security of your possessions with the most effective, secure door systems in the South of England.

Features of our Dorset aluminium shutters

When you install our aluminium Dorset shutters onto your property, you will be benefitting from the most versatile, secure door systems that we have available at Empire Industrial Doors. Our aluminium shutters are designed to enhance the ease of your operations and boost your security measures.


One of the main features why our aluminium shutters in Dorset have attracted prospective company owners to its design is its lightweight body. Unlike the heavy stainless steel shutters, aluminium will improve the ease of access to your property with its light design.

High level security

Our Dorset aluminium shutters will bring all of the robust nature of the strongest security shutter to your premises. Aluminium roller shutters boasts high security and protection that will prevent vandalism and theft occurring on your site.

Appealing designs

Unlike the blocky design of a steel shutter, our aluminium shutters have become a popular necessity for its neat and simple designs. We will apply our aluminium shutters to the outside or inside of your property regardless of the size and location. All of our shutters are custom-made to fit your specific location.

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View our gallery and recent projects for previous examples of our automatic doors.

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Where do we apply our aluminium shutters in Dorset?

Our aluminium shutters in Dorset are the ideal security device for the following locations and businesses:

  • Bars and restaurants
  • Display areas
  • Loading bays
  • Reception counters
  • Shop fronts
  • Warehouses

Read more about how we will increase the security on your premises with our aluminium shutters.

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Whether you need aluminium shutters for your windows or doors, Empire Industrial Doors will install our shutter systems to large and small openings. Empire Industrial Doors have been providing companies with fitted Dorset aluminium shutters for years. Our team are highly experienced at delivering efficient and effective shutter systems with the most resilient and durable materials.

At competitive prices and with a no obligation quote, look nowhere else than Empire Industrial Doors for your aluminium shutters in Dorset today. Give us a call on 01202 925364 or email