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Are your fire doors in line with Fire Code standards? Do you think you might need to change them? Empire Industrial Doors can provide an affordable, professional service to get your building up to fire code. Call us today on 01202 925364, and we can advise you if all of your doors are suitable and provide fully fitted alternatives if they’re not.

The Best Bournemouth Fire Door Fitters

Fire doors come in all shapes and sizes, different fire resistance ratings and depending on the placement of the door they are required to be at a certain standard. This is regulated by the RRO (Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order: 2005), also known as the FSO. As the most reliable fire door fitters in Bournemouth, we provide 24 hour callouts in the event that a fire door is in breach of code or a shutter door isn’t functioning correctly.

As fire door fitters in Bournemouth, we know that using the correct fire doors plays a vital part of a building’s fire safety, and the correct door, fitted professionally can buy vital time when escaping a fire in the event of an evacuation. The most common classifications of fire doors are FD30 and FD60, which provide up to 30 minutes and 60 minutes of fire protection respectively. FD90 and FD120 are available as well but are rarely used. As fire door fitters in Bournemouth, our door ratings come with fire door sets as a cohesive whole, not just the door itself. If a fire door is fitted to a door frame that isn’t designed for fire resistance, the entire integrity of the seal is compromised.

The frames and doors together are certified as fire door sets and specification for each set is either with the door or available online under the corresponding door code. For escape roots in buildings, FD30 grade doors are the most common, with FD60 and above being used for protection of critical areas. Fire door fitters Bournemouth will recommend higher rated doors for areas such as; data protection, documentation storage etc. A lot of the doors are constructed to have a wooden finish but contain a mineral core which significantly boosts integrity under intense heat.

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View our gallery and recent projects for previous examples of our fire doors and fire shutters.

If you’re unsure of whether your doors are fire doors or not, call us and we can inspect them and advise if they need changing. Fire doors must be maintained in order to be completely effective. Any reasons the door may fail to close fully must be rectified. Such reasons could be:

  • Foreign bodies or other objects may be obstructing the door.
  • The smoke seals may be incorrectly fitted or damaged.
  • If a latch is fitted, it may be malfunctioning or require lubrication.
  • The closing device may need adjustment, but this must only be done as a last resort and very carefully, to ensure that the door can be opened without undue force.

As premium fire door fitters in Bournemouth, we offer a selection of fire doors. Steel doors are particularly effective at repelling fire or keeping it contained, but can only be used as external fire exits and aren’t suitable for inside. Empire Industrial Doors knows that quality is everything when it comes to a fire door, so our doors are tested and can last up to a million cycles (full open and close).

We pride ourselves on being the best fire door fitters in Bournemouth, so call us, and we’ll survey your property, take measurements and provide a quotation for everything. No hidden costs or charges, just a straight up honest service by the leading fire door fitters in Bournemouth. We also provide fire doors that are styled and aesthetically superior to standard fire doors. So if you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t affect your properties appeal, we’ve got just the doors you need. All of our team are fully trained and licenced, working within fire guidelines and will issue any necessary certification to verify that your new doors are suitable.

If you’re looking for fire door fitters in Bournemouth that offer a superior service, unmatched product quality and unbeatable work ethics, look no further than Empire Industrial Doors. Our motivated team of specialists will do everything from start to finish, so know the building is up to fire code, and your colleagues, staff and assets are safer than ever.

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There are reasons why we’re the only real option for Bournemouth fire door fitters. We have gained a sterling reputation for customer service with over 500 happy clients and customers in commercial, industrial and private sectors. Over 750 doors have been installed by our professional team here at Empire Industrial Doors, and our service is available 365 days a year, so you’re never left without someone to call in an emergency.

We offer many different services and a huge array of products to choose from, such as:

We’re confident you’ll see that Empire Industrial Doors are the best fire door fitters Bournemouth has to offer.

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