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If you’re in need of new doors for your business or home, then look no further than Empire Industrial Doors. We are providers of the best shutters and fire doors Fareham customers can get and are proud to extend our services across the south of England. For more information on our excellent products, and to get a FREE quote, give us a call on 02392 982512 or email us at today.

Providers of Reliable Fire Doors in Fareham

Here at Empire Industrial Doors, we specialise in providing customers with a range of doors and shutters that are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. With a decades experience in the industry, we have quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the best providers of fire doors Fareham customers have available.

We are pleased to say that our business operates throughout the south of England and reaches out to customers in places such as Fareham. Fire doors are an essential item for many companies, and we want to make ours as widely available as possible. We operate on such a large scale because we believe it is vital to go the extra mile for our customers to provide them with what they need.

Although we are renowned for our high-quality fire doors in Fareham, we also offer many other products that you’ll find are fit for purpose. These include:

These are only a fraction of the products that we sell other than fire doors. Fareham customers will be amazed at the variety that we have available and are sure to find what they’re looking for. We understand that all businesses have different needs, which is why we try to cater to as many customers as possible. That is why it’s vital that we at Empire Industrial Doors always have a wide range of products on offer.

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Fareham Fire Doors Tailor-Made for You

With specific regard to our fire shutters and doors, we offer many products that are suitable to provide adequate protection. Our LPS 1175 approved doors, for example, are perfect for providing sufficient fire resistance as well as deterring potential burglars. These particular models are some of the best fire doors in Fareham.

We also offer a range of fire shutters that have been successfully tested to provide protection for a minimum of 60 minutes. This kind of time window is vital when evacuating customers and employees as well as to alert the proper authorities. This feature is just further evidence of how our Fareham fire doors are important safety products that demand the attention of employers looking to keep their workers safe.

Our fire doors are rigorously tested by us to make sure that they are performing to an acceptable standard. One of the primary purposes of installing such a door is to make sure that they are going to prove useful in an emergency. It is because of this strict quality control that we are considered to be the best provider of fire doors Fareham can get.

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Fire Doors Fareham Customers Won’t Want To Miss

At Empire Industrial Doors, we understand that when things do go wrong with your doors or shutters, it can be detrimental for business. That is why we offer a comprehensive 24-hour emergency call out service should there be a problem with you fire doors. Fareham customers can then rest assured knowing that in the event of a door malfunction, we’re always a phone call away.

Aside from our excellent products though, we are determined to provide our clients with first class customer service. It is for this reason that our staff and are always courteous and friendly throughout the process of your order and installation. Their hard work and effort is the reason why we are renowned within the industry.

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So, get in touch with Empire Industrial Doors today if you’re looking for safe and reliable fire doors. Fareham customers will be blown away by our high-quality service and a premium selection of products. Give us a call now on 02392 982512 or email us at A member of our friendly team will be happy to go through any queries that you may have and provide you with a FREE quote.