Hampshire Fire Doors

Do you want to give your property the best protection? Then a fire door by Empire Industrial Doors is the perfect solution for any Hampshire property. At Empire Industrial Doors, we can supply a superb selection of fire doors to suit every Hampshire property. We have years of experience in supplying customers with the best Fire Doors Hampshire has experienced.

The benefits of our Hampshire fire doors

  • 24/7 emergency call out service
  • Quick repairs are done by our expert staff
  • Doors will be fully sealed
  • Heightened level of fire protection
  • Customised to fit your property and meet your needs

About Empire Industrial Doors

Since 2009, Empire Industrial Doors has provided wonderful fire doors in Hampshire service for many happy customers in a plethora of properties.  Regardless of the property type, we have the experience and equipment to provide all types of buildings and properties with the correct fire door as appropriate for your needs. All doors will be tailored to serve each customer.

All fire doors will be installed by our experienced team who have installed plenty of doors in many Hampshire properties. We will ensure that your fire door is in line with the relevant regulations and procedures. Our team will carry out the installation in a swift and effective manner.

A Callback

A Callback

Why choose our services?

At Empire, we have a diverse range of fire doors to suit every Hampshire property. So whether your property is used for domestic, commercial or industrial purposes, you will need a fire door suited for your property’s needs. Our company will supply a door that meets all of your needs.

Every single fire door is made of the highest quality materials that will provide a superb level of protection should a fire occur in your property. Empire Industrial Doors will ensure that your Hampshire fire door is fitted in a solid door frame seamlessly to create a seal. The seal on a fire door is vital in providing a high level of fire protection.

In certain properties such as multiple lettings, fire doors are required by law and our company has years of experience in supplying customers in Hampshire a door that suits their needs. Every fire door we install will be tailored to suit every customer and their property.

Contact Us

For more information on our fire door services, please do not hesitate to contact Empire today and talk to our team on 02392 982512.