Fire Doors Southampton

Is your property being used for high-risk activities that could cause a fire? Does your property contain high-value items? Then at Empire Industrial Doors, we have a superb selection of fire doors recognised for their hardwearing and durable nature. Our company has years of experience providing customers with the best fire doors, Southampton has to offer. To get started, call our team now on 023 8061 0676.  

Why Select Our Fire Doors Southampton Services? 

A fire door will provide the first line of protection from fires on your property, and in many multiple letting housing environments, it is a standard requirement.  At Empire Industrial Doors, we believe in providing bespoke fire doors Southampton service for all of our customers.  When you select our company, we will tailor every fire door to suit your property and your fire door needs. 

All fire doors we supply will be made of high-quality solid materials that will provide a front line of defence in the unfortunate event of a fire. As well as a high-quality fire door, we also provide customers with a superb and solid fire door frame. Our fire doors will fit perfectly into the frame and create a sealed unit that experts have said will prevent the spread of a fire within your property. 

At Empire Industrial Doors, we have a superb range of fire doors in stock like exit doors, back doors, room doors and front doors to meet all of your fire doors needs. 

Benefits of Our Southampton Fire Doors 


  • Tailored to Your Property and Needs
  • Increased Fire Safety in Your Property
  • Fully Sealed Doors
  • 24 Hour Emergency Call Out Service
  • Repairs Conducted by Our Experienced Staff

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Offering More Than Fire Doors in Southampton 

When it comes to equipping a building with all-new doors, it’s worth considering the doorpurpose as there exist many different types. At Empire Industrial Doorswe’re proud to supply and fit the finest fire doors, Southampton has to offer. We’re also proud to manufacture and install many other quality entry solutions for businesses throughout Dorset and the surrounding counties. 

You can read a little more about these door types that we supply besides fire doorsSouthampton customers. 

Automatic Doors  

There’s no doubt that automatic doors are one of the most popular entry solutions out there. Unlike manual doors, they are open automatically whenever the motion sensor is triggered by someone approaching. They then close again once the sensor no longer detects anyone within proximity. The advantage is that this helps with internal climate control, keeps out pests, and makes these doors more practical for less-abled users. 

As with our fire doors, Southampton customers, our automatic doors are available in a range of customisable options. And they come in variants that include revolving, sliding, and swinging. They are an excellent, well-rounded entry solution. 


Door Sets  

Our door sets are an excellent choice if you’re looking to replace internal or external doors throughout your premises. The beauty of these doors is that they come in different variants, depending on your requirements. We’ve already mentioned above how we supply Southampton fire doors that are a variant of these doors. 

Other variants include those that improve thermal efficiency, security, and sound dampening. For more information, click on our door sets page or give our team a call. 


Glazed Sectional Doors  

Designed with all commercial and industrial properties in mind, glazed sectional doors are designed for garage forecourts, warehouses, and many more applications. These doors are fully motorised with manual pulleys for use, even in the event of a power failure. If you’re looking for a door that’s easy to use, robust, and offers excellent insulation, look no further. 


Insulated Roller Sectionals  

If you require an opening for a commercial or industrial building and consider energy conservation a top priority, you’ll want to consider insulated roller sectionals. These doors are custom-made to fit any entry, ensuring a clean and neat finish. They are available in a range of colours and sizes, and some can even be fitted with viewing holes for added convenience and security. 


LPS 1175 Approved Doors 

If you’re looking for a high-security option, look no further than our excellent range of LPS 1175 approved doors. These doors have been tested for burglary resistance. Just like how our fire doors in Southampton are rated to protect against fire, these doors are rated to keep your property secure. Incidentally, our LPS 1175 doors also come in fire door variants. 

This makes them suitable for use in all manner of situations, from schools to office blocks, government buildings, retail outlets, and industrial warehouses. Leading insurance companies approve all our LPS 1175 doors. 


High-Speed PVC Doors and Curtains 

High-speed PVC doors and curtains are available for both internal and external doors. These heavy-duty vinyl options are impact-resistant, wind-resistant, boast a fast-opening speed of up to 50” per second and can be equipped with vision windows. They are made-to-measure and bespoke, available in a range of shades to suit your business’s colours. 

What Else Do We Offer? 

Besides our excellent range of doors, we also supply and install PVC curtains, loading bays, bollards, and a range of shutters, including: 

  • Aluminium 
  • Fire 
  • Insulated Roller 
  • Tube Motor 
  • Three-Phase Roller 

For more information about our doors, shutters, etc., make sure to get in touch with the fire doors Southampton specialists at Empire Industrial Doors. 

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About Empire Industrial Doors

Our company has years of experience in providing a wide range of fire doorsSouthampton customers. Since 2009, our company has quickly established a superb reputation for providing a wide range of doors of the highest quality to Southampton properties. Every door will be tailored to your property thanks entirely to the excellent bespoke service we offer. 

When Empire Industrial Doors installs fire doors in your Southampton property, we will supply only experienced and high-qualified staff to install the fire door on your property. Our team are all knowledgeable and accredited by organisations that include ConstructionlineSafecontractor, and HCS Safety. Such a service won’t cost you a fortune either as we charge some of the most competitive prices the market has seen. 

Our expertise extends not just to the commercial sector but to the industrial and domestic sectors too. As well as Southampton, fire doors can be installed by us throughout the south in Reading, Oxford, Guildford, and even as far afield as London. 


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