Hampshire automatic doors

Do you need the best Hampshire automatic doors? Then step on in (excuse the pun) and view our wonderful selection of doors fit for any commercial property in the county. With many years of experience, you can be certain that our service is the best that money can buy.

The best range of automatic doors Hampshire

Well-built Hampshire automatic doors will play a vital role in protecting your property and for energy conservation matters. At Empire Industrial Doors, we stock a broad selection of doors that are suitable for properties of all sizes and purposes.

Automatic doors

First up is our selection of automatic doors entrances for those of you on the hunt for the best automatic doors in Hampshire. If there is a sizable amount of foot traffic in-and-out of your property, then we may recommend automatic doors Hampshire for clear access. We have in stock a huge selection of doors such as revolving, swinging and other automatic doors. If required, we supply doors with pulleys and levers as requested.

Our automatic doors and entrances feature very high for customers looking for the best automatic doors Hampshire offers. We have supplied the following properties with automatic doors:

  • Retail shops
  • Warehouses
  • Petrol stations
  • Hospitals and more

High-speed PVC doors and curtains

If you need rapid access to your property but need it closed off at the same time, then our high-speed PVC doors and curtains will be the right solutions to your Hampshire automatic doors requirements. All of our PVC doors/curtains are customised to fit the needs of your property. You can rest assured as these doors are resistant to impact, wind and open when you need them too!

Insulated sectionals

Insulated sectionals are suitable for many properties where energy conservation is important. The team will visit your venue and assess your automatic doors Hampshire needs before we create an insulated sectional. Many customers have found this helped to cut costs for their properties.

LPS 1175 approved doors

If you need automatic doors in Hampshire that will stand up to burglars, then this is the right door for you. Our LPS 1175 approved doors have also been tested against many factors such as fire and will provide a sturdy barrier should this occur.

Door sets

Door sets are a welcome addition to our range of automatic doors in Hampshire. These doors are constructed from steel and are very sturdy for use in sensitive areas as they will make sure your site is secure.

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Visit our gallery section for previous examples of Empire Industrial Doors’ automatic doors Hampshire products.

A Callback

Reasons to select Empire Industrial Doors

Our company’s reputation as the number one provider of Hampshire automatic doors precedes us. We have established a reputation over the years for the quality of our installations as well as our swift repair service. Doors don’t break down during 9-to-5 hours or Monday-to-Friday. So to keep businesses like yours operational, we provide a 24 hour call outs service.

We hold accreditations from HCS Safety and SAFEcontractor to name a few; this is a guarantee of our excellent commercial doors automatic service. All personnel hired by our company have been highly-trained and are experts in fixing many issues related to doors. Our staff share our company’s mission to deliver an excellent service all the time.

If you are not sure whether we are the right company for you, we supply no obligation quotes on all of our automatic doors in Hampshire. Contact us for more info.

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