Hedge End fire doors

Is your property protected from fire? If you have answered no then reduce the impact of fire by choosing our Hedge End fire doors installation service. We have a wealth of experience in the industry and are recognised as the first choice for properties in the local area. All fire doors will be tailored to your property and needs.

The best fire doors Hedge End service

At Empire Industrial Doors, we are the leading suppliers of Hedge End fire doors. We have a fantastic selection that is unparalleled by other companies on the market. Keep reading to find out how we can help you and your property today.

Fire shutters

Empire Industrial Doors provides the finest fire shutters as part of our fire doors in Hedge End service. Our shutters have been specially formulated to provide fire protection should a fire occur in your building. Your shutters will be wired to every fire alarm in your property, and we supply emergency back-up batteries on request. Protection levels start from 60 minutes to 4 hours which is enough time for evacuating the building.

We use the finest flat steel lath for every one of our fire shutters which are available in many different powder-coat colours and a gal-vanish as well. If you are searching for an effective fire doors Hedge End service, this is the option to choose. When activated, the shutter will come down over the entrance which will block the fire.

As part of the Hedge End fire doors range, these shutters will give you time to raise the alarm with the fire department. It can also offer protection from fire for those who are stuck in the building. We have ensured that these shutters are rated to the latest fire regulations. If you need more information on said regulations, do get in touch with our team and we will be more than happy to supply you with the information you need.

LPS 1175 Approved doors

The LPS 1175 is a door that can be used for both external and internal use in a property. We recommend this door for businesses that want a multi-level Hedge End Fire Doors solution. The doors have been tested and have come up trumps for resistance to burglary. You can be certain that this door will perform against those trying to enter your property unlawfully.

We tailor our fire doors Hedge End service to your needs as every property is unique and will require a different solution from the last. You can be assured that Empire Industrial Doors will deliver an effective product for your property. The LPS 1175 approved door is suitable for a diverse array of buildings including:

  • Government buildings
  • High street retail
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Schools and colleges
  • Utility companies

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Door sets

In addition to the options mentioned previously, door sets are another fire doors in Hedge End product that we provide for our customers. Tailored to you and your property, we will construct this door with the qualities you desire most which in this case is fire protection. We recommend that this door is installed as a fire exit and is the perfect option due to the materials used. This door type is constructed from the finest steel and can last up to a million cycles.


Visit the gallery today for a superb fire doors Hedge End service and see previous examples of our services. We also advise that you look at our Hedge End fire doors recent projects.

Reasons why you need to choose Empire Industrial Doors

Are you struggling to choose a fire doors in Hedge End company? Struggle no more as we have written up the many reasons why our company is the first and only choice to fulfil your Hedge End Fire Door needs.

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Competitive prices

Do you have a quote for fire doors in Hedge End from another company? We offer competitive quotes on all of our services as we believe that you the customer should benefit from our excellent service.

No obligation quotes

Are you unsure whether you need our Hedge End fire doors? Then not to worry as we provide no obligation quotes for all of our doors. This gives you the time to consider your options before deciding on using Empire Industrial Doors.

Prompt and reliable staff

All Hedge End fire doors staff at Empire Industrial Doors have been highly trained to install and repair a huge selection of fire doors. We will arrive at your property on time and ready to work on the installation or repair issue. You can relax knowing that your new fire doors Hedge End will be installed to the highest standards by reliable professionals.

24 hour support

Have your fire doors in Hedge End broken down? Make sure you have Empire Industrial Doors on speed dial as we provide a complete 24/7 call out service for properties that have fire doors Hedge End that must be operational at all times. We will work quickly and efficiently to restore your doors to a good condition.

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