Industrial Doors in Hampshire

Do you want purpose-made doors for your industrial property? For the best industrial doors in Hampshire money can buy, choose Empire Industrial Doors today. We have the finest selection of doors suitable for all types of properties. Our company also provides a complete 24-hours call out service that will rectify any door problems that you may have.

Our Hampshire industrial doors services

At Empire Industrial Doors, we believe in providing our customers with a diverse range of Hampshire industrial doors to suit all of your industrial property’s needs. We have listed the doors we can supply your property below:

Automatic doors and entrances

Automatic doors and enclosures are perfect for properties that need access to the property to be both easy and rapid. This is ideal for properties where a hands-free and quick entry and exit is required. We provide a wide range of automatic doors and entrances for industrial properties. All doors will be measured and customised to ensure that your property receives the best door from Empire Industrial Doors.

Glazed sectional doors

Glazed sectional doors are perfect for properties that have large loading bays and are suitable for a wide range of industrial properties. All glazed sectional doors provided by Empire Industrial Doors are customised to fit your property and have manual pulleys for ease of use.

High speed PVC doors and curtains

High speed PVC doors and curtains are a superb Hampshire industrial door option and can be supplied in a diverse selection of colours to suit all properties. Our high speed PVC doors and curtains can be used as an internal or external door and can be opened manually or with a motor. All high speed PVC doors and curtains are bespoke for every industrial property in Hampshire.

LPS 1175 approved doors

If your industrial property deals with sensitive information or works, we can provide LPS 1175 approved doors for both external/internal use. Our LPS 1175 doors can be used for a wide range of purposes and are one of the most secure doors we can provide; they will also provide a high level of fire protection.

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Door sets

Empire Industrial Doors supplies strong steel performance door sets to fit the needs of every property in Hampshire. Every steel door set is installed to meet the requirements of every customer and can be used for a range of purposes including:

  • Security
  • Fire protection
  • Acoustics
  • Thermal 

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Why choose our company?

At Empire Industrial Doors, we believe in providing the best industrial doors Hampshire has to offer. Our company is dedicated to fitting the right door to suit every industrial property. Regardless of the door type chosen, we install all doors to the highest industry standards. We have an experienced workforce that can install a variety of different doors to meet your industrial property’s needs. Our company is also one of the very few that offers a 24 hour call out service so if you experience problems with your doors, give us a ring whatever the hour.

We have listed some of the benefits of choosing Empire Industrial Doors above our competitors:

  • Competitive prices
  • ADSA (BS7036) approved company
  • Staff that hold both CSCS and SPA cards
  • Doors customised to fit your property
  • No obligation quotes
  • Prompt service

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Look no further for your industrial doors in Hampshire needs and contact us on 02392 982512 today.