Security Roller Shutter Doors

Does your property contain items of high value? Do you need to ensure a high level of security in your property?  Then you will need the best and most secure roller shutter door in the business. Empire Industrial Doors has provided the best security roller shutter doors for many years. In addition to our protective security roller shutter doors, we also provide a 24 hour callout service to sort out problems as and when required.

Why Choose Empire Industrial Doors?

Our company has years of experience in providing only the best and most secure security doors that money can buy. Customers can expect that during all installation and maintenance works that only expert and reliable tradesmen will be used to provide you with nothing but an excellent service.

For companies and businesses that deal with high value items or require high level security, Empire Industrial Doors offer a 24 hour callout service that will deal with all requests at any hour. As a company, we believe in the quality of our services and offer competitive prices and no obligation quotes for new customers.

Security Roller Shutter Doors we can provide

Aluminium Roller Shutter Doors

Aluminium shutters are a great option for many property owners as it provides a high level of security whilst maintaining easy to access function. The added benefit of choosing this security roller shutter door is that it is very easy to install. During all installation, our expert tradesmen will do their utmost best to ensure that the disturbance is kept to an absolute minimum.

LPS 1175 Approved Roller Shutter Doors

The LPS 1175 Roller Shutter Doors are one of the most efficient doors on the market today. It is one of the strongest and most secure security roller shutter doors and is currently used in many government buildings, retail shops, industrial warehouse and many more. Additionally our LPS 1175 Roller Shutter Doors have been approved by many insurance companies.

Fire Roller Shutter Doors

Fire shutters are a great option for those who have a property that may be susceptible to fire for multiple reasons. Our fire shutter doors are rated by local fire regulations and can contain a fire from an hour up until four hours in a particular area. This will allow plenty of time for evacuations and for firefighters to control the fire. If a person is trapped inside the building during a fire, a fire shutter adds a good level of protection.

A Callback

A Callback

 Advantages of Installing a Security Door

  • Peace of mind as you can be certain that we will install a security roller shutter door that will suit the needs of your property.
  • Many of our doors have been passed tests and will offer high levels of resistance against burglary, damage, fire and other factors.
  • All security doors provided by Empire Industrial Doors are easy to use and will provide easy accessibility to your property whilst a high level of security.
  • Security roller shutter doors act as a great deterrent to any would-be burglars, vandals and arsonists.

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