Security shutters in Basingstoke

Do you own a commercial or industrial property in Basingstoke? Then get the highest quality security shutters on the market, and contact Empire Industrial Doors. Feel safe in the knowledge that your warehouse or shop is safe and secure when you are not there by installing security shutters. Get in contact with Empire Industrial Doors today for us to design and install security shutters in Basingstoke properties.

Security shutters for your Basingstoke property

At Empire Industrial Doors, we specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of all doors and shutters types. Our team of highly trained tradesmen have years of experience in the fabrication of many different shutters and doors for our customers in Basingstoke, some of which are detailed below:

Tube motor shutters

Are you interested in using tube motor shutters for your security shutters? At Empire Industrial Doors, we can either install brand new tube motor shutters or just install the tube motor into existing shutters. Tube motor shutters are popular with shop owners and other commercial property owners because they are unobtrusive and relatively small and quiet.

Three phase roller shutters

Three phase roller shutters are ideal for large industrial and commercial areas that have a lot of traffic passing through the area, either human or vehicle. These roller shutters are great to use as security shutters because we make them from industrial strength materials, making they sturdy and impenetrable. In the past, our team have installed these roller shutters to shop fronts, car parks, industrial units, and hospitals.

Insulated roller shutters

At Empire Industrial Doors, many of our clients have chosen our insulated roller shutters to protect their warehouses, storage spaces and factories. The insulation of the roller shutters helps to keep the temperature steady, making these doors ideal for when you’re storing food at a certain temperature. Insulated roller shutters also allow your company to save on energy bills, control unwanted draughts, and create a sound barrier.

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To see images of what your Basingstoke security shutters will look like, view our photo gallery. Alternatively, view our recent projects pages for chronicled documentation of the work we’ve completed.

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Since launching in 2009, Empire Industrial Doors has designed and installed over 794 doors for 564 customers. We offer a comprehensive 24 hour emergency call out service, for when your security shutters have stopped working, for whatever reason.

In addition to the above shutter types that make fantastic security fixtures, the team at Empire Industrial Doors are also talented in creating and maintaining the following:

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