Fire Shutters

Fire shutters and fire curtains using industrial roller shutter door technology

If a fire should happen within your building, you’ll want to be sure that your colleagues, employees and customers are going to be protected.

At Empire Industrial Doors we have a vast range of fire shutters and fire curtains that will protect people from the fire should one break out.

Our fire shutters are built from flat, steel lath. They are also available in a huge range of powder – coat colours or even gal-vanished.
At Empire Industrial Doors we have also tested our fire shutters, now knowing our fire shutters will roll down over the entrance to the fire, providing protection for a minimum of 60 minutes up to 4 hours; this gives you enough time to raise the alarm with the local fire department and anyone that is trapped inside the building is protected by the industrial roller shutter doors. All of our fire shutters are fire rated to the latest regulations.

Our heavy duty fire shutters are wired up to your fire alarms, ready for the emergency. However we do also provide battery back up, putting your mind at rest.

Allow us to take all the stress and worry of not being protects if a fire was to break out. Our team have been specially qualified in order to ensure both your colleagues and customers are safe.

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