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Over the last decade, industrial, commercial and domestic clients in Southampton have come to rely upon Empire Industrial Doors for our expert services. We provide and install a range of shutters and doors for numerous sectors, but that is not all. The dedicated team of engineers that we have on hand also offer maintenance checks and repairs. We are more than happy to help where possible, which is why we offer 24hr call outs to resolve emergency faults. Get in touch today by calling 02392 982512.

Your Go-to Company in Southampton for Doors and Shutters

It can be incredibly stressful hunting around for companies that specialise in a particular commercial door. Here at Empire Industrial Doors, though, we have them all under one roof. Our experts can alleviate the stress by being your first option for all forms of doors and shutters. Southampton-based clients will benefit from a first-class service.

Hampshire is not the only location where we offer our expertise. Our team of engineers can travel to destinations in the following areas:

  • Dorset
  • Sussex
  • Surrey
  • Berkshire
  • London
  • And more!

As mentioned, our qualified and certified engineers will be able to carry out all installations, maintenance and repairs on your doors and shutters. Below, you can find an extensive list of Southampton services that we provide.

Aluminium Shutters

If you own a shop or warehouse, you may want to consider having an aluminium shutter installed. It will act as additional security, safeguarding your property while also protecting it from any adverse weather conditions. Southampton aluminium shutters will use less energy than steel ones, and they are more aesthetically pleasing. Our team will fit your shutters to the exact requirements and specifications you need.

Fire Shutters

Having fire shutters installed in your building in Southampton is essential for safety reasons. These shutters and fire curtains will protect your employees, colleagues, customers and goods in the event of a fire. Here at Empire Industrial Doors, we have a range of flat, steel lath shutters that come in a range of powder coated finishes.

Rest assured that our shutters have been tested and meet all the legal regulations. They will provide protection for between one and four hours and each one will be wired up to your fire alarm. Bear in mind that these also come with battery backup supplies too.

Insulated Roller Shutters

For loading bays, garage doors, entrances to warehouses and other buildings, insulated roller shutters are the ideal choice. They provide easy access and are simple to install as our team of engineers ensure that they slot in perfectly to the building. Each one provides cost-effective thermal protection, while also providing noise protection.

Three Phase Roller Shutters

Turn to Empire Industrial Doors if your building in Southampton requires a three phase roller shutter. It functions with the help of a three phase motor, which allows the shutter to open and close with ease. These shutters are the perfect choice for buildings that continuously have goods being transported to and from the vicinity over the course of a day.


We provide a controller with an up and down button, as well as an option for an emergency stop. Plus, in the event of a power failure, there is a manual override that can be used to open the door.

Tube Motor Shutters

Our team of experts can not only install a brand new tube motor shutter for you, but we can also provide the tube motor by itself if necessary. Within our stock is a wide range of sizes, and a member of our team will be able to select the one that you require.

Our 240V tube motor shutters are best suited to shop fronts, commercial and industrial doors, car parks and covering closed desks at schools and hospitals. Whatever your need for these particular shutters, rest assured that our engineers will install them swiftly and efficiently.

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Every industrial and commercial property utilises a range of different doors and it’s important to ensure you have the perfect products for your requirements. Here at Empire Industrial Doors, Basingstoke clients can rely on us to help with that.

Automatic Doors and Entrances

Shops, hospitals, office blocks and plenty of other buildings use automatic doors and entrances as an easy way for people to access the property. Here at Empire Industrial Doors, we are the leading supplier for these particular doors in Hampshire and the South of England. So, if your Southampton business requires a revolving, swinging or sliding door, we can install it for you.

As well as taking accurate measurements, our engineers will consider traffic flow and other factors to determine which doors are the right ones for you. Rest assured that we provide repairs and maintenance for all makes and models of automatic doors and entrances.

Garage Doors

We supply and install a wide range of domestic garage doors for clients in Basingstoke. Our garage doors have been carefully designed to give your garage the positive appearance it may need. They come fully operating with a fitted remote control system, making life easier for you.

We can provide everything from automatic garage doors to up and over garage doors and roller garage doors. If you are looking for the perfect solution for your garage in Basingstoke, we have what you need.

Door Sets

Our expert engineers at Empire Industrial Doors are on hand to install steel doors that are ideal for clients searching for a hard-wearing door. Perhaps you require a fire exit in your Southampton building. If so, we can install a fire resistant door that acts as a security measure. You should take full advantage of our door sets as they can last for up to a million cycles or more!

LPS 1175 Approved Doors

If the contents of your building need extra protection due to their high value, or a new school or government building is being constructed, then opt for LPS 1175 approved doors. These particular versions are tested for burglary resistance and their sturdy barrier prevents intruders.

As well as acting as protection from unwanted visitors, LPS 1175 approved doors will keep individuals safe if a fire breaks out. Rest assured that these doors are also approved by insurance companies.

Glazed Sectional Doors

While we cater to plenty of industrial and commercial clients in Southampton, we also provide top quality garage doors to domestic customers. For residential properties we can design these doors to reflect your personal taste. We supply automatic garage doors, up and over garage doors and roller ones, so you have plenty to choose from! Each one comes with a fully operated fitted remote control system.

Insulated Sectionals

If energy conservation is a priority in your commercial or domestic property in Southampton, then take full advantage of our insulated roller sectionals. Our team can offer you a range of colour options and sizes in our bespoke service. Plus, you can also opt for a viewing hole if required.

High Speed PVC Doors and Curtains

Here at Empire Industrial Doors, we can offer a range of high speed PVC doors and curtains that suit your business brand. We have colour options that will match your company, and these particular doors are easily opened, either manually or by motor.

Supermarkets, warehouses, hospitals and food factories are among the establishments that regularly use high speed PVC doors and curtains. This is because they are impact and wind resistant, and are also heavy duty and open swiftly.


View our gallery and recent projects for previous examples of our automatic doors.

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Other Services

At Empire Industrial Doors, we can provide more than just the above shutters and doors. In Basingstoke, you can rely on our expert team for other products including loading bays, PVC curtains, and bollards.

Loading Bays

It is essential for your business to be able to load and unload goods onto trucks in an efficient and speedy manner. With that in mind, we here at Empire Industrial Doors offer a service that involves supplying and installing loading bay doors and shutters.

We should be your first choice as our doors are weather sealed, which means that you will be able to continue working regardless of the outdoor elements. On top of that, we can provide ramps and a range of accessories. Whatever you desire, our team can tailor make units for your warehouse.

PVC Curtains

In order for you to move machinery and stock around your warehouse with ease, you will need PVC curtains. Our team can find the best option for your particular building in Southampton, as we have supplied for chill rooms, loading bays, welding booths and more. The curtains act as protection, but can be opaque or see through to help you visualise the room’s contents.


As well as being the go-to company for a range of doors and shutters, our team at Empire Industrial Doors can also install bollards for your premises in Southampton. We supply solid concrete bollards and manual ones for limited access. Within our range are stainless steel bollards, telescopic bollards, barriers, fold down bollards and static versions.

Southampton Clients Will Benefit from our Expertise

As you can see from the list above, our team at Empire Industrial Doors are qualified and experienced to provide and install a range of shutters and doors. Each service that you require is tailored to your specific needs, so rest assured that we will find the right door for your Southampton-based property.

One of the many features that make us stand out above our competitors is that we offer 24hr emergency call outs. If your doors have suffered a malfunction and it is affecting the day-to-day flow of your business, then give our engineers a call. No matter the time of day, we will have someone on hand to help.

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It could not be easier enlisting our services, as all you have to do is give us a call on 02392 982512. Our engineers are prompt and reliable and will provide you with a free no-obligation quote, so you have nothing to lose!