For any commercial or industrial business owner, you are legally required to ensure that fire doors are fitted and that they are always operational. Failure to do so could result in loss of life should a fire break out. Here at Empire Industrial Doors, we’re regarded as the best fire door fitters Newbury has to offer. We provide quality doors, exceptional fitting services, and competitive prices. You can find out more by calling us on 023 8061 0676.


Nowadays, the vast majority of buildings are constructed in a compartmentalised fashion. Each section is separated by an internal fire door. These doors can either be closed to contain a fire or opened to allow people to escape. External fire doors provide a means of exiting the building in the event that the main entrance is too far or inaccessible. Such doors are mandatory and are routinely fitted by our fire door fitters. Newbury customers need only call us to arrange a discussion.

At Empire Industrial Doors, we supply LPS 1175 approved doors accredited by the LPCB, which have been fully tested for fire and burglar resistance. Not only will they keep your property secure, but they’ll also protect your customers, employees, assets, and even the building itself. When closed, they’ll keep a fire contained, providing the fire services with the time they need to respond and tackle the blaze. The doors fitted by our Newbury fire door fitters also serve as barriers against smoke too.

Customers of Empire Industrial Doors will have two options to choose from. The main fire door categories are FD30 and FD60. As the category names imply, one is rated to resist fire for 30 minutes while the other is rated to last for 60 minutes. Both options can be supplied and installed by our fire door fitters. Newbury customers will be advised by a member of our team on which option is right for them.

The Most Respected Newbury Fire Door Fitters

If you’re in the market for a new fire door, give Empire Industrial Doors call to arrange a face-to-face discussion. Let us know how many doors you require, and our team will measure each opening to ensure that the right-sized doors are selected. This is imperative as a poorly fitted fire door will not keep smoke at bay and could even be compromised by the heat of the fire. As the best fire door fitters, Newbury customers can rely on our team to not leave a single stone unturned.

We’ll even go so far as to survey each room as well as points of access, what’s being stored in the room, how many people are in the building, and much more. Information like this will help us to recommend the correct door rating for your requirements. With our fire door fitters in Newbury, clients from many different industries can come to us. We supply doors for businesses that include:

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  • Schools and Colleges
  • Utility Companies
  • UK Government
  • High Street Retailers
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • And More!

All our doors are manufactured using premium-quality materials and installed or repaired by our knowledgeable team. With our fire door fitters, Newbury customers can rest easy knowing that there are safety measures in place to protect their employees, customers, and assets.

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Established in 2009, Empire Industrial Doors has quickly become the go-to supplier of high-quality commercial, industrial, and even domestic doors and shutters. As well as Newbury, we also operate in the wider areas too, including Southampton, Reading, Oxford, and even London. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, so customers can always expect a prompt and reliable service.

Inquiring with our Newbury fire door fitters entails no risk on your part as we offer no-obligation quotes. If you’re not happy with what we have to offer, you’re free to walk away without incurring any hidden charges. With tradesmen you can trust, you can rest assured that we’ll always do what’s right for you and your customers. Our prices are highly competitive, and if you’ve already inquired elsewhere, come to us as we can beat any genuine like-for-like quote.

We also provide 24-hour support, so you can always count on our fire door fitters in Newbury to be there when you need them most.


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